Adult Mosquito Control Notification

The Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District utilizes the CodeRED Emergency Notification System- an ultra high-speed telephone communication service to notify residents of truck-mounted adult mosquito control applications. For more information about adult mosquito control visit our FAQ page.

This system allows the District to send notifications to targeted areas (1/2 mile radius) of where an application will be taking place. The message includes the date and time of the application, material being used, and other pertinent information regarding the situation. The message will play when answered by a live person or an answering machine and makes three attempts to connect to each number.  If you opt-in for text messages and/or email alerts, those will also be sent.

The calling number will display 866-419-5000. To hear the last message delivered, simply dial the number back.

If you reside or own property within Marin and Sonoma counties and are interested in receiving a notification message  JOIN THE CODERED DATABASE.

In the event of an imminent health hazard the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District (MSMVCD) will make every attempt to notify individuals who have chosen to sign-up for the Adult Mosquito Control Notification program. However, the District may not be able to make contact in the event that immediate applications are deemed necessary to protect public health.